great experience !
I walked into Brenny's last November and met Rob Henry. We walked around looked at bikes, I asked all kinds of questions and Rob took his time with me even though he knew I wasn't buying anything that day. Since then I have been looking all over Iowa & Illinois at different bikes learning prices and talking to people on line. I went back to Brenny's last Tuesday January 29th and Rob remembered me right away. I was interested in a couple of bikes I had seen on line. Rob took me to them and again took all the time I needed and answered all of my questions and gave me more of his input. He even recommended the least expensive of the two bikes I was interested in. Absolutely no pressure. Just like a couple of friends talking. I made an offer and Rob went and talked to the man a couple of times and we struck a great deal. I was very happy. After that Rich Stubblefield Finance Manager took over with the paper work. He made it Easy Cheesy. Stay tuned, I will also let you know how the service department works out. If it is anything like the sales department I'm sure it will be great. I'll let you know. (Employee: Rob Henry)
Steven Yenger
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