Second buy
I bought my second bike here about 10 days ago. I'm very happy with the purchase. My first by was 2 years ago and that was also a great experience. They have a great shop with channels to choose from and friendly people. The best part is that all the bikes I have looked at and researched at their facility are priced in the fair market value Zone. Most stores will have a bike sit there for a year and reduce the price for a thousand bucks and it's still on the high end of the fair value and then the bike has issues. Brenny's is always right in the zone so you don't feel like you need to club or boxing gloves when you go into negotiation. They also offer theravalues on trades. Then it's more of a friendly conversation about a deal that works for both of you. I live 2 hours away but I will continue to do business with Brenny's. (Employee: Mike Schierling)
Curtis Roberts
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