Loooooong trip....well worth it!
In mid December 2019, I came across a motorcycle online that Id been looking for. It was an old bike(25yrs to be precise) and naturally I had some worry about buying it. I talked to John Brenny via text and phone call and we settled on a price and time frame for me to come pick up the bike. Thats where things get interesting. I know that most people buy a motorcycle either new or used in their local area. However, I was looking for a specific motorcycle and Brennys was the only one who had it. Now I live 920 miles south of Davenport Iowa in Dallas Texas. I know most people wont drive that far just for a motorcycle and John had every right to doubt my sincerity about making a trip of that magnitude. John trusted me that I would actually make the trip north and I trusted him with his description and assessment of the motorcycle. So 1,858 miles later, Im back home in Dallas with a motorcycle that I love and thanks to Brennys and the people there Everything worked out just like it should. Thanks Guys !!!! (Employee: John Brenny)
Jared Stange
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